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Document storage made so, so easy.

1. Create an Account

Create an account and follow the instructions on-screen.

The instructions will allow you to order boxes if you need them, as well as order barcodes to be delivered.

The barcodes will be delivered next working day.

2. Add boxes on your dashboard

Once you’ve received your barcodes, you can begin logging the boxes you wish to store on our dashboard.

To start, click on ‘Add a Box’ and find the associated barcode that we sent to you. Attach the sticker to the front of the box. Then log the details of the boxes contents on the dashboard. Once you’re happy, click save and move onto the next box. Continue this process for all remaining boxes.

3. Checkout your boxes

Once you’ve logged all boxes you want to store offsite on the dashboard and barcoded each box, the next step is to confirm payment and delivery details by clicking on the ‘Delivery’ button.

We can collect your boxes from next working day onwards.

4. Order them back

So what happens if I need a box back? Well, simply order it back on your dashboard by clicking on ‘My Boxes’ and selecting the relevant box and hitting the ‘Delivery’ button.

Boxes are delivered back to you next working day.

Delivery & Collections

Yes. Our delivery charge is £12.50. Then, for every box handled, we charge £0.80.

For example:

If you ordered 4 boxes back, you would be charged £15.70. (12.50 +0.80 +0.80 +0.80 +0.80)

If you ordered 4 boxes back, and had us collect 1 box in one trip, you would be charged £16.50. (12.50 +0.80 +0.80 +0.80 +0.80 +0.80).

To order boxes, click here. You’ll need to create an account, and then follow the steps until prompted for boxes.

Yes we can. If you would like us to destroy some of your boxes please email with the barcodes of the boxes you wish to destroy. We will re-confirm this before destroying them, and provide a certificate for secure destruction once they have been destroyed.

Simply login to your account and order a delivery back by clicking on the ‘Delivery/Collection‘ tab. You’ll then be able to select which boxes you would like delivered back to you.

Boxes are delivered back to you the next working day, if ordered before 4.30pm Monday-Friday.

We cover areas across London, Bristol, Reading, Oxford, Gloucestershire, Tunbridge, Newbury & more.

If you have tried to create an account but your postcode isn't valid/outside of our delivery range, please contact referencing the postcode and we will evaluate whether we can provide a service to you in that area.

If you haven’t yet created an account, please create one here and follow the steps to receive barcodes.

If you have an account, please click the ‘Order Barcodes’ button on the storage homepage.

Otherwise, just email and we will send some barcodes to you for the next working day.


Absolutely. Our sites are ex-Ministry of Defence, bombproof gated compounds, with perimeter fencing, door entry systems, 24/7 CCTV and security.

We do prefer you to use our boxes (triple reinforced cardboard ensures our boxes are built to last). However, we happily accept other archive boxes, sized between 1.1 and 1.6 cubic feet.

In short, no. However we believe there are better practises involved if you have over 100 boxes. Contact us here if you have over 100, and we’ll help streamline your service.

There is no minimum number of boxes you can store.

We’re pretty flexible and have a monthly storage contract, which is unusual in the industry. However, there are a minimum of 3 months storage required.

Our Essential Storage is only for archive boxes. Please contact us here for differing enquiries.

Pricing & Payment

Storing with us costs as little as £15 per month. Comparatively, a 100sq ft self storage room would cost in the region of £250 per month.

Additionally, our online dashboard allows you to manage your inventory correctly with destruction dates, to ensure you comply with the relevant data protection laws, and don’t retain any data longer than necessary.

Payment will recur monthly, using your company card details. We do not accept any other form of payment.

We can provide boxes to you at no cost when you first begin to store. After, boxes are £24.99 per pack of 10.

Unlike most companies in the records management industry, there are no exit-fees with the Essential service. That means no termination charges, no permanent withdrawal fees or longterm renewal dates.


The first step is to create an account.

We can only collect boxes that have barcodes attached to the side of a box. This ensures a full audit trail of the box, from the first collection.

We do! Please contact us on 0207 940 5050.

Yes we do. Try our Scanning Calculator to estimate how many pages you need scanned, and we can provide a quote.

Please see our terms and conditions.

We have multiple storage facilities, located in London (SE1) and Gloucestershire.

Yes, our service is aligned for suitable legal record storage.

Please download our records retention guide.