It’s 2019 and paper is still at the core of every business. Yes that’s right, despite our best intentions, the world is not paperless just yet. Hopefully soon.

But, in the meantime we need somewhere to store it.

90% of businesses will store their documents in their offices. It makes sense, it’s where you produce the documents and it’s where you use them. But is it the best place to keep them? Let’s take a look.


Security is important. After all, you don’t just have documents with your data on it, you most likely hold client data too. If you chose to store with a document storage company, your documents would be protected behind bomb-proof facilities, 24/7 CCTV and manned patrols. Security is the first reason why you should consider storing offsite.


GDPR (shudder) is nobodies favourite topic, yet all businesses with european data must abide by the regulations or risk massive, massive fines. Paper records represent a considerable compliance risk, so it’s important to have a system in place to be able to identify what data you have, where it is and how its being used. An archiving system allows you to do that.


Surprised to see cost on here? Don’t be. Office rental is at such a premium that the space taken up by just one filing cabinet could be as much as £91 per month. When compared to offsite pricing, it’s over 6x cheaper to store them offsite. See what you could do with the vacated office space here.

Fast Access

Ok, you were surprised cost was on here, but fast access? C’mon! Surely the quickest access must be onsite, right?

Well, yes and no. Yes, access is quicker when your files are at your office. But in absence of a sufficient filing system, an offsite storage system will get your files organised and speed up your employees efficiency. Why have your staff tearing their hair out trying to find one particular file when they could just order it to be in the office by 9am the next day, stress free. Storing offsite is surprisingly convenient.  

Professional Assistance

Dreaming of that paperless office? Believe it or not, the best way to do so is to consider an archiving solution. Why?

Well, archiving companies can help you digitise all your current records by scanning them, to finally get to the paperless world you’ve always dreamed. Any new documents you produce can be sent over to be digitised too.

Searchable records on office computers instead of a stack of loose files at the end of the corridor? It’s worth thinking about.