“In my father’s house, there are many rooms” – John 14:2

Clearly Jesus wasn’t a Londoner.

Whether we’re squashed on the tube, or bumping into tourists on Oxford Street, us Londoners just aren’t used to having much space. But boy, we wouldn’t mind some.

Now, we’re not promising these tips will transform your 100 sq ft office into the Taj Mahal, although that would be nice. No, we’re hoping these tips can clear some of the dead space residing in your office, making you feel more productive, energised and focused.

In no particular order…

1. Store your documents offsite

Documents and files can take up an awful lot of space in your office. But have you ever thought about storing them offsite?

Storing them offsite is very cost effective compared to storing in-house. With the majority of your files, you don’t use them at all. In fact, you probably won’t need to see them again until they can be destroyed, but you need to keep them in case you do require them at some point in the future.

It also doesn’t take much time as you would think to organise them, making it very worthwhile in the long term.

Document storage is the smallest change that will produce the biggest difference to your office space.

2. Flexible working

Flexible working  – the idea of developing a workplace culture where workers are encouraged to rotate desks and work from home at times throughout a working week.

When you encourage flexible working practices, you don’t need as much space in your office. You can reduce the number of desks to instantly have more usable space than before.

Flexible working doesn’t just allow for more space in your office. It can increase levels of job satisfaction and commitment from workers. Additionally, with the supply of flexible working companies low, you may be able to attract a higher quality of candidate for new roles.

3. Declutter

Take a look around your office. Do you need everything there?

Perhaps there’s some old electronics that don’t work, or a table with no purpose. You’d be surprised by what you find when you’re on a mission to declutter. The ‘Spring Clean’ effect will have the whole office more revised and focused on their current projects.

4. Store Vertically

Instead of using furniture that takes up alot of floor space, why not consider going upwards? Vertical storage (tall, thin furniture) is especially effective if floor space is wearing thin. Lying the furniture against the wall will make the most of the space and will enable you to recapture the floor space for better use.

5. Less Partitions

Yes, this one isn’t the quick fix you might be looking for, but it’s worth noting how much removing partitions/inner walls can open up the office, and transform the space. Losing those partitions could be your long-term fix.

6. Move things about

Get creative. Move your desks and furniture about – create work zones, repaint the walls, bring in lots of plants. By refreshing your environment, you might find you create a space better utilised, boosting productivity, focus and energy!